BYOD – do you Bring Your Own Device?

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Season 1 of Tips From The Bar is now complete! Watch below and read Erik’s tips on BYOD!

Erik Jenner is our BYOD expert and he’s dished the inside story on bring your own device.

1.      Why is BYOD a problem?

BYOD is a growing issue for businesses where users are beginning to bring multiple personal devices into company networks.  This is causing security risks as most companies do not have a proper method in place to not only ensure these devices are safe, but also track the devices, where they can go on the network and who they belong to.  While this is convenient for the employees and users inside your business, it can have a major effect on corporate security models.

2.      What types of businesses does BYOD affect?

Users bringing their own devices into the workplace affect most businesses these days. It seems everyone has a smartphone, and everyone is looking to connect it to WiFi at every opportunity. We are seeing a BYOD model implemented by educational institutions sooner than most since they are the type of network that has several different users using different devices to access network resources on a daily basis.

3. How does FoxNet solve BYOD issues?

FoxNet assists businesses by implementing a BYOD solution that will help you manage your network, as well as the devices and users trying to access it. A detailed network access control strategy can be implemented to provide users with authentication and authorization services for endpoints accessing the network edge. An admission defense system can be put in place to reduce network vulnerabilities by integrating security policy management and endpoint posture assessment for identifying and evaluating, alerting on, and isolating risks at the network edge. Along with these features detailed logging and user behaviour tracking can be implemented to audit the online behaviour of internal users, and is an effective way to find and identify threats from the internal network.

Erik’s take away:

With more than 44% of companies already allowing and encouraging BYOD, this trend is not going away. Be prepared to give your users the flawless access they require, all while ensuring the security the company requires.