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Virtual Concierge: Security Management and Technical Architecture

Virtual Concierge: Security Management and Technical Architecture

Posted on May 10

I have always been fascinated with Architecture, in fact, I seriously considered making it my career.  On a recent trip to Italy, I visited the Pantheon. The Pantheon is one of Rome’s best preserved ancient monuments and a testament to their architectural skill and engineering. Emperor Hadrian built the Roman temple in 126 AD. This […]   Read full post »

Virtual Concierge Pilot Project Plan

Virtual Concierge System Pilot Project Plan

Posted on April 25

In our last article, we reviewed some of the exclusive security functions of a Virtual Concierge System. In this article, we’re going dive into: 1. System and network implementation challenges. 2. The importance of a Pilot Project Plan. 3. What a Pilot Project Plan should look like. Functions of a Virtual Concierge A Virtual Concierge […]   Read full post »

The Benefits of a Virtual Concierge System for Housing and Social Housing.

Virtual Concierge Systems: Security Functions

Posted on March 8

In the first article of our Virtual Concierge Series we reviewed the Business and Security Benefits of Virtual Concierge Systems. In this second instalment, we’ll be exploring the security benefits provided by these systems. What are the Security Benefits of a Virtual Concierge System? Scene Capture. Facial Recognition. Access Control. Audio Monitoring. Gunshot Monitoring. Card Key […]   Read full post »

Virtual Concierge Systems : Business and Security Benefits

Posted on February 21

While you may be familiar with a Virtual Concierge in many hotels, the need has now arisen to provide the same services in apartment buildings, office buildings, university campuses, and housing service complexes. It’s become too expensive for many of these facilities to provide critical Concierge services using full-time staff, and as a result, the […]   Read full post »

Big Data/Business Intelligence and Parking Revenue and Optimization

Posted on October 17

By William Dupley   Introduction All businesses, whether they are private sector or public sector, need to generate revenue. However, the reasons they list will vary. A private sector firm needs to demonstrate to their shareholders that they are returning good return on their money. In contrast, the public sector has more complex reasons for […]   Read full post »

Increase Parking Revenue with Improved Parking Optimization Value Chain Integration

Posted on August 27

By William Dupley Using smart technology,  businesses can increase their parking revenue. It all starts with evaluating the Smart Parking Value Chain. There are four domains in the parking value chain: Parking Management. The ability to plan the use of existing and planned parking spaces. Both on-street and off-street, in a given area. Parking Revenue. […]   Read full post »

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