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September 30, 2019

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September was a busy month in the world of Technology, Next Gen Managed Services and Information Technology. We have the latest technology updates, security announcements, and IT solutions that you need to know in September’s Tech Round Up:

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Windows 7 Reaches “End of Life” in January 2020

They’ve been hinting at it for a while, but if you’re still using Windows 7 you need to pay attention! You only have until January 2020 to make the switch.

  • “End of Life” for Windows 7 means no more support (paid or otherwise), fixes, or security updates.
  • For October – January 2020, there will be paid support and security updates only (no more feature updates or complimentary help).
  • Your devices will be vulnerable to new viruses and malware if you do not update.
  • Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of Windows 10.

We can help your company upgrade your corporate network to Windows 10 Contact us today to book a free consultation.

Read the complete article at Lifewire: When Is the End of the Windows 7 Lifecycle?

Canadian Hospitals Attacked by Cybercriminals

  • Hospitals and Health Care Providers have become a favourite target for cybercriminals causing a serious issue for the industry.
  • Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance noticed the issue with their network during a routine check and took their networks offline immediately.
  • Police and third-party security experts have been unable to identify the source of the threat nor can they confirm that patient records were compromised.

Reports show that ransomware and other cyberattacks are on the rise — and health care is one of the biggest targets. Just this week, researchers in Israel announced that they’d created a computer virus capable of adding tumors into CT and MRI scans — malware designed to fool doctors into misdiagnosing high-profile patients, Kim Zetter reports for The Washington Post.

Nicole Wetsman, Health Care’s Huge Cybersecurity Problem

Windows 10 Cumulative Update Fixes Cyber Security Concerns

  • The new update is now available for those running Windows 10 from May 2019.
  • It fixes bugs such as VPN connections on cellular networks and an issue that prevented older users from upgrading to newer versions.
  • See the full list of Windows 10 Update fixes here.

Cyber Security Attack on City of Woodstock Locks Them Out

  • All access to email and most government files was cut off last week in what appears to be a cyber attack on Woodstock.
  • The invaders penetrated two layers of malware protection, among other security features.
  • At first a ransomware attack was suspected, but there has been no demand made yet.

David Creery says it appears the attack on the City of Woodstock’s computer system is similar to what occurred to Stratford in April. Officials there revealed last week that they paid a hacker the equivalent of $75,000 in Bitcoin.

Read the complete article via the CBC: City of Woodstock hit by a cyber attack

Google Confirms Chrome Update is Breaking Macs

Is Your Employee’s Keyboard a Security Threat?

  • Apple warned users that third-party keyboards for iOS and iPadOS can send information to the internet without permission.
  • If you’re using Gboard, Grammarly, or SwiftKey, you may have already granted access to your information.
  • Check your third-party keyboard permissions by going to your Settings, General, Keyboards, and Edit.

Defence Construction Canada Struggles to Regain IT Capability

  • An early-September cyber security attack on the Crown Corporation that manages Defence department projects and infrastructure has caused ongoing procurement problems.
  • Speculated to be a ransomware attack, they refused to confirm or give details except to say their business continuity plan ensured no disruption to operations.

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