DoorDash Security Breach, Hedge Fund Hacked, & 5G Network Risks: The FoxNet Solutions Tech Round Up

October 30, 2019

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October and Cyber Security Awareness Month are about to wrap up, which means there were some big announcements released about global protection as well as plenty of Information Technology news coverage.

We’ve been listening closely and put together your must-know updates, security announcements, and IT solutions for October’s Tech Round Up:

FoxNet Solutions Tech Round Up - October 2019

DoorDash Security Breach

  • Both “Dasher” and customer information was stolen in a recent security breach at DoorDash.
  • Over 100,000 delivery people had their drivers licence numbers stolen and millions of Canadians and Americans had personal information stolen, including the last four digitals of credit and debit cards used for purchase.
  • It was reported that hackers were able to gain access through DoorDash’s third-party service provider, but the company was not named.

Read the complete article at IT World Canada: Data breach at DoorDash, attacks on Airbus suppliers and possible unpatchable Apple devices

U.S. Hedge Fund and Others Hit by Spreading Cyberattacks

  • Emails were breached at the Kansas University endowment and Community Foundation of Texas and the Arena Investors hedge fund during October 2019.
  • This recent series of cyber security attacks seem to be targeting institutional investors because of their financial access.
  • The hackers gained access to their Chief Operations Officer’s accounts and sent phishing emails containing malware links.

Read the full story on Institutional Investor: Cyber Attack Hits Prominent Hedge Fund, Endowment, and Foundation

Businesses Must Pay for Windows 7 “Extended Security Services”

  • End of Life for Windows 7 is January 2020, which means support, updates, and patches will no longer be available.
  • Businesses and personal computers running on Windows 7 only have a few months to update, which can be a huge undertaking.
  • If your business does not update in time, you will have to pay per device if you want to “buy yourself some more time” with the Extended Security Updates from Microsoft.

Find out more about the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on How To Geek: How Windows 7’s “Extended Security Updates” Will Work

Don’t have time to upgrade to Windows 10 before January 2020? Talk to our FoxNet Team about a solution.

New Study Shows 5G and AI Increase Cybersecurity Risks

  • Risk Management’s (IRM) new study, Risky Business, focuses on the increased cybersecurity risks introduced with 5G networks and Artificial Intelligence
  • Some concerns named are a greater risk of attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) networks, a wider attack surface, a lack of security by design in 5G hardware and firmware, Network intrusion detection and prevention, Fraud detection, and Secure user authentication.
  • The study was conducted with 50 cybersecurity and risk decision makers from 50 global companies.

80% of enterprises expect 5G to adversely impact them.

Risky Business Study 2019, Risk Management’s (IRM)

Read the complete article via the MSSP Alert: 5G, AI, Heighten Cyber Attack Risk, Study Finds

Toronto is Warned to Increase Cyber Security Measures ASAP

  • Toronto’s Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler says the city needs to strengthen information technology and security control to avoid a serious breach, something it has failed to be proactive about since a similar recommendation made three years ago.
  • Around 4,700 terabytes worth of public data are housed in various systems and computers at the city
  • Other Canadians cities like Burlington, Ottawa, and Saskatoon have already fallen victim to costly ransomware attacks in 2019 as municipalities become a more popular target for hackers.

Read the complete article on CBC: Toronto needs to beef up cybersecurity to avoid ‘devastating’ data breach: auditor general

The New Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance is Here

  • Global partners in Cybersecurity and Information Technology like Microsoft, BlackBerry Cylance, and ABB have come together to create The Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance.
  • The goal of the Alliance is to create security guidelines for Operational Technology like the hardware and software dedicated to monitoring and controlling physical devices.
  • The goal is to avoid destructive disruptions across many industries, including oil and gas, utilities, and manufacturing.

OTCSA aims to bridge dangerous gaps in security for critical and OT infrastructure and ICS to support and improve the daily lives of citizens and workers in an evolving world.

Satish Gannu, Chief Security Officer, ABB & Senior Vice President, Architecture and Analytics, ABB Ability™

Learn more about the Alliance on BusinessWire: New Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance Launches to Deliver Comprehensive Cyber Security Guidelines for Operational Technology

Concordia University Receives $1.8 Million to Improve 5G Cybersecurity

  • The goal of the new in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science is to bring together graduate students, professors, industrial researchers and subject matter experts to proactively strengthen cybersecurity for the networks of the future.
  • By 2024, there will be 4.1 billion cellular IoT connections (according to the Ericsson Mobility Report of June 2019).

Concordia is taking the lead in cybersecurity research, and that includes providing the Canadian telecommunications industry with innovative solutions to counteract costly cyberattacks.

Christophe Guy, Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies at Concordia

Read the official announcement on Concordia: Concordia receives $1.8M to improve cybersecurity with the arrival of 5G technology

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