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Our tech expert Jim Griffiths gave us the inside story on DISASTER RECOVERY. He also stars in the latest episode of TIPS FROM THE BAR. 


                                                                                         What a disaster!

Why is disaster recovery so important?

“Many companies that suffer from a disaster without an adequate Disaster Recovery plan will go out of business within 6 months to a year following the disaster.”

What types of disasters can result in a loss of data?

“Disasters come in two categories  – Natural Disasters and Man-Made disasters. Planning for a disaster can result in less downtime, and can help prevent financial loss, loss of reputation, and loss of customers.”

What disasters are the most common?

“Believe it or not the most common disasters are caused by hardware failures, software failures, or human error.”

How can companies avoid a disaster?

“Many companies go beyond Disaster Recovery and plan for Business continuance. This involves more than just the IT aspects of the business and includes all of the things necessary to keep the company running in the event of an outage.”