FoxNet Partners With Cleverciti

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FoxNet is delighted to offer Cleverciti’s smart parking sensors and CIRC360 parking solution to their Canadian customers.

Cleverciti Systems Corp is a world leader in smart parking, providing a comprehensive system for street and open-air parking. Cleverciti’s sensors provide accurate and efficient real-time data on both occupied and available parking spaces. In addition to parking guidance, CIRC360 also enables messaging on LED signage providing the opportunity to engage with residents and customers.

FoxNet is dedicated to providing sustainable parking options to the Canadian market. With the Cleverciti partnership, FoxNet can further enable organizations and cities looking to improve their parking solutions and solve their parking challenges in a fresh and dynamic way.

As FoxNet uses IoT to effectively solve real-life problems, the partnership with Cleverciti makes perfect sense. With Cleverciti, FoxNet can provide reliable outdoor parking solutions to the Canadian market. Cleverciti’s smart parking solutions not only allow users to make intelligent decisions, they also are proven to reduce traffic and lower emissions.

Traffic reduction is a major selling point for smart parking. According to CNBC, the average driver spends 17 hours a year searching for parking spots, with drivers in major cities spending closer to 107 hours. It typically takes city drivers 3.3 minutes to find a space, usually travelling at about 15 kilometres per hour during that time. The flow of traffic is significantly slowed during this time, plus the increased time spent on the road per car worsens traffic conditions. In addition to increasing traffic congestion, one in every five traffic accidents occurs in or around a parking lot, typically because drivers are focusing on seeking out a free parking spot rather than what’s in front of them. Reduced congestion not only provides obvious benefits for drivers, it has been proven to make cities a happier, greener and healthier place to live.

Decreasing the time spent driving looking for a parking space not only helps alleviate traffic, it lowers emissions as well. Eliminating the need to circle city blocks and parking lots in search of that ever-elusive free parking decreases the time cars are running on the road. Furthermore, eliminating the need for drivers to idle at pay stations by providing mobile phone payment allows for additional reduction of emissions.

With Cleverciti, FoxNet can provide smart parking solutions that have the power to change Canadian cities for the better.

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