Hybrid Cloud VS. Hybrid IT: What’s Best For Your Business?

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“Hybrid cloud” and “hybrid IT” have become tech buzzwords, but do you know the difference between the two?

More and more, hybrid cloud infrastructure is being pushed by vendors as the latest and greatest option for companies looking to optimize the efficiency and security of their data, and some sources have estimated that 43% of businesses using cloud technology will move to hybrid cloud adoption by 2019. However, according to some IT infrastructure experts, hybrid cloud infrastructure is still too new for analysts to know if it’s really the ideal choice for every business. Instead, leading cloud computing expert Kevin Jackson suggests that hybrid IT may be a much more realistic and useful IT solution for many companies. So what’s the difference?

Using hybrid cloud technology involves relying on a mixture of public and private cloud computing. In theory, companies who use hybrid cloud can rely on the private cloud for their most confidential data, while using the speed and space of the public cloud for other operations. For more mature and established companies, however, Jackson suggests that IT departments will need “to manage the transition to cloud without throwing away their valuable current infrastructure.” The logical solution is hybrid IT, which allows companies to continue using their existing IT infrastructure, while using other types of cloud computing as it meets their needs.

When it comes to keeping IT infrastructure up to date, most companies have made a significant investment in time and money in their existing infrastructure. In recognition of this fact, hybrid IT allows companies to continue using the infrastructure that’s working for them, using public cloud  computing where it makes sense, and “gradually migrating systems to the public cloud over time.”

Hybrid IT allows you to use the cloud for hosting only for what you need, and FoxNet Solutions is ahead of the curve when it comes to creating IT solutions for businesses. We can help you develop a unique IT strategy that fits your company’s needs.  Give us a call at 519-886-8895 or book an IT Health Check today!