Love Your Data

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Great relationships take work, and your relationship with your data is no different.

If you’re like most companies, your data is the backbone of your business. Do you have a plan for recovering your data if it were lost? Is your data backed up in a location you trust?

If you haven’t been giving your data the attention and care it deserves, don’t worry–FoxNet is here to help! This Valentine’s Day, we want to help you love your data by giving you as many options for disaster recovery and backup as possible!

Forget flowers and chocolate this Valentine’s Day–make your data your Valentine.

Here are 10 reasons to show your data some love. 

  1. Your data won’t keep you up at night:  because FoxNet keeps your data safe and secure, you never have to lose sleep worrying about it. 
  2. Your data never makes you compromise: FoxNet gives you so many choices with how to store your data and offers backups in multiple locations–this means you can access your data your way, whenever and wherever you want.
  3. Your data is always there for you: access your important data across multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer, web access) so that no matter where you are, you can get the information you want when you need it. 
  4. Your data never lets you down or stands you up: when you store your data with Foxnet, you can trust that your data will be there when you expect it.
  5. Your data saves you time: having access at your fingertips means you can quickly find exactly what you need.
  6. Your data won’t break the bank: data storage is cost-effective with FoxNet!
  7. Your data is never moody or unpredictable: don’t worry about outages or missing data–your data is always the same, day after day. you can count on it. 
  8. Your data will never pick a fight with you: your data is there for you–it will never disagree with you or start an argument. 
  9. Your data treats you the way you deserve. Your data is the best and most faithful companion!
  10. Your data will never want the last piece of pizza.

Join FoxNet and Veeam on Tuesday, February 14th to Love Your Data! Click here to register!

We’ll have all the cheesy Valentine’s goodies you’d expect: a candy bar, catering from Seven Shores, prizes, Valentine’s cards, and more!

Learn how FoxNet and Veeam can help your business manage infrastructure for backups or disaster recovery. We want you to love your data as much as we do!

Veeam provides simple, straightforward opportunities for customers with on-premises Veeam deployments to extend their availability strategy to the cloud. By sending backups and replicas to a trusted Veeam partner like FoxNet, you can avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure for backups or disaster recovery. Let the experts build and manage it.

Don’t worry… your data won’t be jealous!