NetApp’s New Line of Storage: The FAS8000

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FAS8000 series

Spring is just around the corner and for NetApp, that brings the launch of its new line of storage, the FAS8000 series. This system provides several model options that will replace the 3XXX series and the 6XXX series, and provide scale-out innovation and the industry’s best data management capabilities in a single platform. FAS8000 offers the flexibility and efficiency NetApp is known for, plus a dramatic increase in resources.

FAS8000 series

Each new FAS8000 series is capable of doubling the speed of SAN and NAS workload compared to its previous counterpart, while allowing for three times the increase in flash per controller.  With the same familiar ONTAP operating environment (clustered and 7mode), there is no need to be wary of a learning curve, as NetApp continues to provide a simple management platform that is consistent across all models.

Looking to the clouds? Netapp offers a proven Hybrid cloud integration with the FAS8000 series to help make your transition seamless and comfortable.  Getting your data confidently to the cloud has never been easier.

The FAS8000 provides you with the necessary tools to deliver superior TCO.  Utilizing FlexArray storage virtualization you can increase your return on assets, consolidate storage and reduce storage consumption by 50% more.  This adds another tool to the already renowned switchblade of storage technology.

Read more about NetApp’s FAS8000.

The new NetApp FAS8000 storage solution supports your business, not the other way around.  If you would like to learn more about this exciting new product, don’t hesitate to reach out to FoxNet for a comfortable introduction by visiting our “contact us” page.