Choosing an IT services provider is an important decision for any organization. FoxNet took the time to understand all our current technology needs as well as considering future needs before making any recommendations, always with the best interests of our organization as its priority.
Brad Duench
General Manager


Westmount Golf & Country Club is an esteemed Canadian Golf community that first started its business in 1930, and continues to grow its facility for the community to enjoy. 

Westmount Golf & Country Club was in need of an IT company that could assist their establishment with uniting all six of their business units that all run 7 days a week and over 18 hours a day. Westmount Golf & Country Club needed a company that they could rely on. Not only this, but they needed a company that could be tailored to suit their unique IT needs to give them peace of mind.

 For close to 20 years, FoxNet has helped small, medium and large businesses protect themselves against cyberattacks and provide IT solutions. After a number of cybersecurity and ransomware attacks on municipalities across Canada, Foxnet is underlining the importance of protecting your business and networks.


“FoxNet has made significant improvements to our business since we began working with them. Our business is unique, as we have six different business units that operate seven days a week, over 18 hours a day; you can imagine the varying needs related to technology that we face daily.” states Brad Duench, who is the general manager of the club.

FoxNet Solutions immediately took action to their needs and begun updating all of their equipment with high-tech solutions. They were also able to provide Westmount Golf & Country Club with immediate response times to any attack or issue that arose.

For over a year, FoxNet Solutions has been able to provide Westmount Golf & Country Club with many services that have answered their tech-problems. 

Some of these include:

  • Help Desk
  • Fully Managed Site
  • Installation of a Server on Site
  • Email Backup
  • Office 365 Emails
  • Antivirus & FireWall Installation
  • Network Monitoration

These services were cost-effective, functional and flexible to the business, who appreciates their hard work and experience as further followed up by Brad Duench, who states: “The consistent service they provide, detailed follow-up and ongoing care, makes the team at Westmount Golf & Country Club very comfortable with how our IT is managed and confident in our decision to choose FoxNet.”

FoxNet is proud to be a solution to Westmount Golf & Country Club.