Solutions: Planning & Design

FoxNet has over 10 years of experience solving complex IT problems for companies just like you.

The FoxNet team offers smart, creative solutions for datacenter infrastructure including server and storage consolidation, virtualization, Business Continuity, file archiving and WAN optimization to solve your business challenges and get you better results, faster. We are backed by a long list of partners to relieve all of your IT issues. It all starts with a FoxNet IT Health Check.

IT Health Check

A health check is the first step to assessing your IT needs. It’s IT peace of mind and it all begins with a FoxNet IT Health Check.

FoxNet IT Health Check

Seminars & Events

Get the latest on new products and current IT trends. Experience best in class solutions from the top vendors in the industry.

Architecture Design

Your business was built with structure and stability. Your IT architecture should have the same long lasting stability.


Pave the way to success. The road ahead is ready for you, but it will take an efficient IT roadmap to get you there.


Accurately assess your current and desired state. Your desired state should coincide with your business initiatives and corporate strategies.

Capacity Planning

Understand your current IT operation. Capacity Planning helps you design and size your server, storage, virtualization, and backup infrastructure deployments.

Budget Alignment

Achieve your fiscal goals by properly aligning your budget with your IT. You will be equipped to manage your CAPEX and OPEX costs on time and on budget.

Lifecycle Planning

Realize the full value of your IT by managing your IT investments and controlling operational costs.

Feeling Technology Pain?
Try our IT Pain Score Quiz

Our IT Pain Score Quiz will help you quickly and easily identify if:

  • Your business is at risk to malware, ransomware, viruses and other security threats.
  • A Fully or Co-Managed Program is right for your business.
  • You've got the technology products and services that suit your business needs and budget.
  • Your business and bottom line are at risk.