Success Stories: Global Logistics Company

Global Logistics Company

The FoxNet team came into our organization with a very different, consultative approach that set them apart for us. The resulting refresh allowed us to modernize, reduce costs, and find new capacity.

Customer: Global Logistics Company
Industry: Logistics


Increase capacity and reduce costs through server modernization and consolidation

  • Replacement of two large HP-UX servers with multiple new, smaller, faster and lower cost HP-UX servers
  • Performance analysis
  • Service contract cost analysis
  • Software trade-in analysis

A creative solution that resulted in additional found capacity and $2 million in cost savings.


Prior to retirement from his role as Managing Director of IT and CIO, Terry Pavey spearheaded an initiative to improve and consolidate key elements of the his company’s computing capability to become more economically efficient and enable the company to more swiftly react to business change. The company, a long time HP customer, engaged systems integrator FoxNet, challenging its team to explore all options and construct a solution that not only would increase capacity, but save costs as well.


Over a four month period, FoxNet collaborated with the company’s internal IT team to explore a variety of new HP server models, examine focus areas within the company’s infrastructure, study conceptual architecture designs, and explore the associated costs of these various solutions. Partitioning and virtual access to critical system resources were also key aspects of a successful new solution.

In Terry Pavey’s opinion, FoxNet went beyond the role of a traditional system integrator, taking a highly consultative approach that resulted in a strategic solution that went far beyond the typical rip and replace, to focus on meeting the company’s modernization, cost reduction and efficiency objectives. The final proposed solution included a replacement and consolidation of the company’s two older HP-UXservers with multiple new, smaller, faster and lower-cost HP-UX servers – a solution that not only achieve cost reduction and modernization objectives – it resulted increased capacity and in $2 million in cost savings.

“The FoxNet team came into our organization with a very different, consultative approach that set them apart for us. In the end, the FoxNet team’s problem solving abilities and strategic approach has been critical in establishing not only success on this project, but a long-term relationship with my former company. They looked out across our infrastructure, identifying areas for modernization, improvement and cost savings. The resulting refresh allowed us to modernize, reduce costs, and find new capacity that we were able flow into new development projects that we otherwise may not have been able to pursue.”

Read the HP version of this case study.

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