What Can NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP Do For You?

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As we all know, today’s IT requirements are becoming more difficult to meet. NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP can help you eliminate your storage downtime, reducing risk and cost with a focus on availability, scalability and performance.

The clustered ONTAP system allows you to connect multiple NetApp array controllers together with a 10GbE backbone network.  This environment allows for any application volume to run on any of the systems or aggregates in the cluster.  This will permit administrators to live migrate volumes (similar to vMotion) and to ensure those volumes are always on for the applications, providing maximum storage availability.

Clustered ONTAP is a consistently running clustered storage system built to scale up or out (however fits your requirements), providing continuous operations throughout the storage lifecycle.  If you start small with one array built in cluster mode, you’re able to either scale that system to its maximum capacity or easily add another NetApp system into the cluster which not only increases the storage capacity in the cluster, but the amount of bandwidth available to connected hosts.

Cluster wide data mobility allows you to maximize operational efficiency balancing and migrating their volumes across storage systems in the cluster.  This makes the process of scaling or growing your storage environment easier and does not affect your existing critical workloads.

Not only does clustered ONTAP offer the same multiprotocol abilities as NetApp has always been known to, it also offers a multi-tenant environment allowing the customer to have separate virtual storage environments.  This ensures each potential storage user can access and manage only their assigned data.  There are also capabilities to tier storage by adding SSD and flash in front of SAS and SATA disk to provide maximum performance.

In closing Clustered ONTAP is the future of NetApp.  It will provide you with all the familiar features NetApp is renowned for, plus the ability to scale easily, both for performance and capacity all while keeping your environment available.