Windows Server 2008 End of Life & Microsoft Helps Nunavut Recover: FoxNet IT Round Up

December 2, 2019

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We have some huge headlines from Microsoft this week: support for Windows Server 2008 is ending soon, Dallas is getting a preview of the new Microsoft Azure + AT&T 5G Edge Network, and they even found time to help Nunavut recover from a ransomware attack.

Get the details on all these stories and more in this weeks FoxNet Solutions Tech Round Up:

windows 2008 end of life

Windows Server 2008 End of Life is January 14 2020

  • Microsoft will end their security updates for servers running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 as of January 14th, 2020.
  • According to Amazon Web Services, only 50% of businesses have updated building systems.
  • Each month your server remains outdated an average of 70 new vulnerabilities will go unpatched.

Read the full story on Security Professionals Brace for End of Support of Windows 2008

Are you ready for Windows 2008 end of life?

Microsoft Steps in to Help Nunavut Deal with Ransomware Fallout

  • The Nunavut government experienced a ransomware attack in early November which affected their public services department.
  • While they were blocked from files in their system, no personal information was compromised.
  • Upon discovering the issue, the network was isolated and it caused a large delay with government operations.
  • Microsoft has now stepped in to help get them back online.

Read the full story on Nunatsiaq News: Microsoft steps up to help Nunavut government with ransomware recovery

Student Team Win National Cybersecurity Competition with Solution for Small Businesses

  • A team of four students from University of Victoria took home first place in the National Cybersecurity competition.
  • They presented a working application that aims to reduce the most common form of cyberattacks: phishing emails.
  • The solution was specifically meant for small businesses who struggle with their educating their employees and modern security measures.

“Phishing attacks are one of the most common reasons there are data breaches, so our goal was to assess how vulnerable a small business’s employees are to these attacks and to make them aware.”

Chandula Kodituwakku, third year computer science student

Read the full story about the winning team and their solution here: Student team triumphs at national cybersecurity competition

Brock University Calls for Student & Staff Help Against Cyberattacks

  • Brock University reported an increase in the number of “Brute Force” cyberattacks on their network in November.
  • They’ve now requested all staff and students update their passwords to a minimum of 10 characters.
  • A Brute Force attack happens when the cybercriminal uses trial and error to guess login credentials and “force their way” into the system.

Read the full article details here: Brock Orders Password Resets After Cyberattacks

Cisco Secures Patent Uses Blockchain to Secure 5G Networks

  • The tech giant Cisco has just secured a patent for a new IT solution that claims to secure 5G Networks using Blockchain technology.
  • The blockchain is meant to manage data sessions between an equipment user, such as a phone, and a virtual network.
  • They are one of several industry leaders investigating the integration of Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

Read all the details about Cisco’s announcement here: Cisco Patent Would Secure 5G Networks With a Blockchain

Microsoft and AT&T Set to Preview Azure on 5G Edge Network

  • Microsoft and AT&T have announced a customer preview of their new Network Edge Compute technology (NEC) that combines cloud, 5G, and edge computing environments for enterprise businesses.
  • NEC uses Microsoft Azure cloud services and AT&Ts network edge locations to process data closer to the customer, an important aspect especially for real-time computing used in aviation, fleet management, and gaming.
  • The customer preview will begin in Dallas and later in parts of Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Read the complete article on TechRepublic: Microsoft and AT&T to Offer Customer Preview of Azure running on 5G Edge Network

Waterloo Brewing Loses Millions to Cyberattack

  • Waterloo Brewing fell victim to a cyberattack in early November which cost the brewing company $2.1 million.
  • The cybercriminal impersonated a creditor employee and requested fraudulent wire transfers.
  • They do not believe any customer information was breached during this cyberattack.

Read the complete story on CBC: Waterloo Brewing loses $2.1 Million in Social Engineering Cyberattack

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