Your Technology Simplified & Secured

Avoid IT Emergencies

Our Network Operations Centre resolves issues before they impact your business.

Improve Productivity

Reduce downtime and deliver a better user experience for employees and customers.

Save Money

Reporting and planning that delivers the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Proactive Solutions

Give your IT Team the bench-strength they need

  • Have a plan for best utilizing IT into the future.
  • Secure your data on all devices and prevent loss.
  • Reduce time wasting outages & inefficiencies.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Full system monitoring that keeps IT working.
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Fully Managed and Co-Managed Services

Prevent problems before they happen

  • Flexible & affordable per user programs.
  • Enterprise class services to protect your business.
  • Real-time pro-active Support.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance.
  • We can handle everything from infrastructure to new user set-ups and day-to-day support requests.
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"“The best thing about Tintri is the ease of implementation and low admin requirements.”"Lori Atkin, Systems Administrator, Lambton College
Lambton College chooses Tintri for Campus-wide VDI deployment logoRead the case study

Feeling Technology Pain?
Try our IT Pain Score Quiz

Our IT Pain Score Quiz will help you quickly and easily identify if:

  • Your business is at risk to malware, ransomware, viruses and other security threats.
  • A Fully or Co-Managed Program is right for your business.
  • You've got the technology products and services that suit your business needs and budget.
  • Your business and bottom line are at risk.

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