5 Hole For Food Featuring the FoxNet ReHabs

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Are you busy June 13th? Don’t be. Five Hole for Food is going to transform Waterloo Public Square into a ball-hockey arena! 28 teams from around Waterloo Region have been assembled so you know what that means: 27 of those are going to be pretty disappointed. FoxNet has answered the call and put together our own team.

The FoxNet ReHabs.Rehabs logo

Five Hole for Food is about raising money for the Kitchener-Waterloo Food Bank. Supporting the Food Bank is very important to us at FoxNet, and we are always looking for chances to help out our community. Every company and team in the tournament donates food in order to be able to compete, something that our team is very happy to do.

The ReHabs will go up against the team from Voisin Tech Suites (who are they again?) The famous bartender, and diehard Montreal Habs fan, Bill Fox, will lead our all-star team to their undoubted win over those other guys.

Come on out and show your support for a good cause! We mean the Food Bank, not our overwhelming victory over Voisin Tech Suites.