Are You Installing Your Investments?

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When the FoxNet team meets with customers, it amazes us how many boxes of equipment are sitting in the datacenter un-deployed. As well, there are plenty of applications that have been budgeted and purchased, but haven’t been successfully installed. When budget is created and a project is started, it is imperative to attach milestones, deadlines and requirements to it.

packagingFoxNet offers much more than just equipment and software. We are by your side to solve your business problems with the help of that hardware and software. For us to consider any project successful, we want to see it through to the end! We ensure functionality and make sure you are successfully installed.

FoxNet has a bench of experts, in all areas of IT, at our fingertips to ensure the solution we put together is implemented successfully.

This includes:

  • project management to ensure goals are met
  • Hardware experts that guarantee the investments are deployed correctly and to “good practices”
  • Application experts to make sure the initial vision and desires of your company are met

After all is said and done, we provide additional contract management to ensure everything is in an up to date, maintained support contract that meets the needs of the business.

So remember, before you cut a PO to get that shiny new equipment or software shipped, make sure you have considered how to ensure the success of your project.