BUaaS: Backup as a Service

November 22, 2018


Backup as a Service, or BUaaS, is an end to end solution that stores and protects your valuable data. BUaaS bridges the gap between protecting data onsite and protecting data in the cloud, making it an absolutely critical component to any business. Keeping your data safe is imperative for any business. FoxNet’s BUaaS is also designed to provide a fully integrated roadmap, enabling clients to move into Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Archiving as a Service (AaaS).

Why Do You Need BUaaS?

Data is arguably a company’s most valuable asset. BUaaS protects your data from loss associated with any kind of technological disaster such as hacking, sync issues, natural disaster or user error. Keeping your company’s data safe is a non-negotiable factor in business growth and success.

The streamlined approach to data access provided by BUaaS frees up valuable employee time for more profitable and useful work. With BUaaS, users can promptly access their data and recover files. Furthermore, the time-consuming process of managing, upgrading, and troubleshooting backup infrastructure is no longer a concern with BUaaS.

Powered by Rubrik

FoxNet’s BUaaS is powered by Rubrik. Rubrik prides themselves on providing a program that is simple, profitable and flexible. Rubrik’s system equips FoxNet with the technological backbone to allow FoxNet to customize their services to meet client needs. Using FoxNet for your BUaaS needs allows for an agile solution to backup infrastructure while also delivering long-term cost savings.

BUaaS is an incredibly important facet to any company. Rest easy knowing that FoxNet can keep your data — and your company — safe and secure.

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