IT Solutions for HOSPITALITY


Guest experiences are “King”, and they expect technology availability and smooth interactions with you, their Hosts. With customized Managed Services from FoxNet, we are your support team and we recognize the demands of your industry. We’ll work with you to understand how to modernize, protect and streamline your business for the 21st century, so you can attend to your guests.


Education & Training

Whenever new technology is introduced, it can prove difficult to get every team member on board. We're here to help you and your team understand how to adapt and use newly implemented techologies.

Help & IT Support

You're running multiple jobs and large teams, when you need fast answers or to review a drawing, your network can't be down. We monitor your network so you can focus on management.

Cybersecurity & Protection

The reality is all businesses, big or small, need to protect their data from potential damage or theft. We will create a cybersecurity plan for you that is proactive and compliant.

Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access is important when you're taking measurements and assessments and then sharing that client information. We make sure whether you're at your desk or on a jobsite, you're secure.

Mobile Workforce

You and your team members are using phones, tablets, and laptops from the shop, home, and client locations to access sensitive data. Do you know if the WIFI you're using is secure?

Secure Trade-to-Trade Sharing

Working on complex building projects requires collaborating with multiple trades and sharing blueprints and client information. We can make sure your sharing is encrypted and secure.

Recommended technology solutions for HOSPITALITY

The fast pace of Hospitality demands the ability to be agile while maintaining systems availability so that all guests’ demands are met.  Working with our Hospitality clients, we’ve learned how to meet these on a daily basis –  we customize the right mix of products and services to confirm your business stays ahead of the technology curve. eSentire will ensure your network is secured beyond traditional Antivirus protection. Auvik Networks will help provide the efficient management of network resources and real-time network monitoring. Veeam enables your data to back up securely, and FoxNet delivers it all in a single package.


IT Tech Support Anytime

Your business needs 24/7 support to ensure that you're network is always running and always secure. Get IT support at the times you need it most.

Secure Communications

You have to be able to access emails, prints, and other applications at any job site, at any time and it must be a secure network in order to protect sensitive information.

Company Wide

Construction companies run multiple jobs in many locations  quickly, your IT solution should too. FoxNet Solutions is ready to provide security and protection for your entire team.

Fast & Secure File Sharing

Sharing prints, measurements, and other materials with multiple trades companies produce large data files that need to be shared quickly and securely.

Remote Network Access

Enable your team to work remotely while at the same time ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive client information.

Modernized Technology

Steamline your business and keep a competitive edge by taking your business to the next level with next-gen technology.

Say goodbye to server and internet interruptions, outdated operating systems, sluggish software , damaged data, costly computer viruses, malware or ransomware. 


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