IT Solutions for EDUCATION


Students need access to essential learning devices and the ability to access information from home or the learning environment. As educational professionals, you need to streamline administrative tasks while securing sensitive student information from prying eyes. FoxNet understands the importance of a modern IT infrastructure that supports secure mobile and cloud-based learning environments while ensuring governmental compliance.

managed service IT SOLUTIONS FOR Education

Endpoint Management

Instantly detect and resolve security and performance issues, allowing for a reduced flow of incidents.


Have complete visibility across your entire IT environment which allows for safe and rapid response to new requirements and regulations.

Service Portfolio

Have the ability to manage all of your IT and non-IT services more efficiently with our advanced system infrastructure.

Service-view of Core Application Database

We will help you maintain a complete, service-oriented view of your entire foundation and status, making it easy to discover the threat.


You can add new services to your catalogue in just a few minutes with our easy-to-use configuration tools. It's simple enough for non-technical individuals to manage their portfolios.

& Compliance

Acquire complete visibility over your IT environment and associated risks. We can help you automate the classification and resolution of standard compliance and security issues with easy IT automation.

Recommended technology solutions for education

IT leaders in education face difficult challenges of sustaining administrators, faculty staff, and students with an arrangement of new technologies and discoveries. With the assistance of our experienced FoxNet team, we provide IT management solutions that help schools, universities, and training providers find effectiveness, enhance service quality, and modify the learning experience with new innovations. We partner with industry leaders like eSentire, Auvik Networks, and Veeam to provide you with advanced IT solutions with our Managed Services.


Application Mapping

Assisting you in connect applications with your infrastructure to make business sense of your IT environment.

Performance Monitoring

Our transactions will continuously test applications to help measure the performance as your users are seeing it.

Simple Compliance

With automated software discovery, you will be shown what's installed and in use across your network.

License Optimization

Giving you the tools you need to eliminate the guesswork and identify the actual requirements of your software.

Software Metering

Being able to see where your applications are delivering value and where they are wasted so that you can place your resources in the correct areas.

Patch Management

Guaranteeing your operating systems and applications are patched and secured at all times with centralized control.

Say goodbye to server and internet interruptions, outdated operating systems, sluggish software , damaged data, costly computer viruses, malware or ransomware. 


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