robust managed services for financial resources

The finance industry target for cyber crime – even if they do not hold easily monetized data themselves (bank accounts, etc.), they serve as an entry point to the firms they deal with. For this reason, it’s critical that their fundamental security structures are well maintained, and they can pass the Due Diligence Questionnaires requested by their business partners. FoxNet’s “IT-as-a-Service” Fully Managed Option leverages automation technology to keep all systems up to date, and eSentire’s 24/7 MDR service to provide enterprise grade cybersecurity to our managed service . Do you know if you’re breached already? Call us to find out! 

managed service IT SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCial services

High-level Network Systems

We can assist you in designing, building, and maximizing your network use, which includes physical traits, and protocols and software needed for optimal network management.

Robust Network Infrastructure

We help your business by providing comprehensive support that incorporates hardware, software, networks, and data centres, and can optimize segments by adapting to various financial needs.

Quick Response Time

When you work with FoxNet, we can offer you the swiftest response time support and have the ability to correct network obstacles that your business may encounter.

Advanced Design & Architecture

We meet the highest quality standards so that you're continuously adapted for today's financial products and solutions.

Quality &

We spend many hours testing our system to provide you with high-quality solutions that are supported by our team of specialists.

Dedication &

We're available 24/7 to offer timely troubleshooting, conflict resolution, and technical support for your business network.

Recommended technology solutions for finance

Financial services require different specifications to remain compliant and productive. At FoxNet, we can customize the proper arrangement of products and services that will guarantee your business is continuously at the top of its game. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides you with advantages by partnering with industry leaders that include eSentire, Auvik Networks, and Veeam to offer you secure and reliable Managed Service IT financial solutions.



It's essential to have the right team to help you choose and implement the right storage solutions for your business. Maximize your resource management with specially designed servers for your data.

Day-to-day Server Operations

Having a managed, protected, and maintained server is essential. Our team is available to help you protect client data by backing up storage supplies and maintaining your database to ensure readiness.

24/7 Network Centre

Offering a centre that is working around the clock to meet your needs. Our dedicated team is trained, prepared, and responsive with highly organized personal service.


Protecting and detecting threats before your notice, and making sure you meet regulatory demands, lessen your system complexity, optimize infrastructure, and boost employee productivity.

Continuous Monitoring

Providing your business with constant monitoring to ensure that your difficulties are detected early, productivity and performance are improved, and downtime is diminished.

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan that provides you with a structured approach for responding to unexpected incidents that may threaten your IT infrastructure.

Say goodbye to server and internet interruptions, outdated operating systems, sluggish software , damaged data, costly computer viruses, malware or ransomware. 


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