FoxNet Partnered with TinTri Bringing you VM-aware Storage.

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Tired of expensive difficult to manage storage solutions? Need an easy to deploy and manage point solution for VDI or your virtual environment? FoxNet has partnered with TinTri to bring our customers VM-aware storage. Tintri VMstore addresses the mismatch between storage and virtualization. The result: a predictable and efficient environment that is capable of handling all of your virtualized applications and desktops, and an IT team that is free to focus on innovation.


This Smart storage learns and adapts from your VMware environment.

  • No complex storage configuration or tuning required by only dealing with auto-aligned VMs and vDisks and not LUNs and volumes.
  • Get the performance of flash with the economics of high capacity HDD with Tintri FlashFirst™ design delivering 99% of IO from flash.
  • Serve thousands of different type of VMs from a single VMstore with VM-level QoS and performance isolation.

Tintri storage sees into the complete virtualization infrastructure

  • Get a global view of all VMs stored and identify performance and capacity trends
  • Instantly identify performance hot spots at the hypervisor, network and storage level with comprehensive performance visualization.

Stay in control of VMs

  • Protect individual VMs with customizable policies for VM-level instant snapshots taking up no additional space and WAN-efficient replication requiring only a fraction of the bandwidth.
  • Create hundreds of high performance zero-space clones using Tintri’s UI or API as well as virtualization tools locally or remotely to speed up VDI and dev/test projects.

If you’re tired of your staff spending endless hours managing and tuning your storage product, and would like to learn more about this cost effective option, get in touch with FoxNet! We can assess your VMware environment and work with TinTri to provide a proof of concept.

Problem solved.