FoxNet’s Been Rocking the IT World for Ten Years. Why Stop Now?

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Some people like change for the sake of change. Some people say change or die.  At FoxNet, we like what we do. We love our customers. And we enjoy solving their most challenging IT issues. So here’s the big news:  we’re not changing. I mean, why change when you already rock?

For ten years, we have delivered smart solutions to IT organizations across Southwestern Ontario.  Our solutions allow companies to put in place an IT infrastructure that is cost effective, efficient, modern and tuned to the needs of the business and its user community.  Our team of advisors has decades of experience and deep technical knowledge. They also bring to the table a willingness to go beyond “just technology” and find real, creative and infinitely practical answers to real-world IT problems.

To make the magic happen we work with a range of partners – hand picked and the best in their respective industry categories – including:

  • HP for enterprise storage, disaster recovery and networking;
  • VMware for virtualization;
  • NetApp for advanced storage solutions;
  • Cisco for unified computing system technology;
  • Intel for processing power;
  • Riverbed for WAN optimization;
  • Quantum for back up and restore; and
  • F5 for control and availability

And we have the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s best IT organizations, in companies such as ComDev, Opentext, Quarry, Conestoga Rovers, University of Windsor and University of Western Ontario – just to name a few.

IT folk have to contend with change every day to stay on top of their game.  Virtualization, IT consolidation, mushrooming storage demands, and cloud computing strategies are all driving the need for change in our client’s world.  So we like to think that folks can count on FoxNet to stay the course, remain unchanged and stick to what we do best.

Rock on everyone!

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  1. That was fantastic. You’ve gotta golf in those boots, Bill. Congrats to you all.

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