FoxNet’s Favourite Tech Toys of 2015

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Welcome to the year-end round up of FoxNet’s favourite tech toys from 2015. The exponential growth of technological innovation makes this more difficult every year. Nevertheless, the crew at FoxNet have carefully measured the thrills and wows experienced over the year to produce their top tech toys list of 2015.

Bill: The Kegerator

Imagine our shock when we discovered that our CEO’s favourite technology of 2015 is designed to enhance the beer drinking experience.

“I have a new portable beer dispenser which plugs in to keep those beer bubbas cold.”

The Kegerator products are a clever response to the increasing availability of small, 5000 ml kegs. It frees up fridge space, allows for beer dispensing just about anywhere, maintains the perfect chill, and makes for a perfect pour every time. Cheers to 2015.

Jim: The Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPiThis amazing little device is a credit card sized single board computer. It’s an exceedingly simple design that costs as little as $5.

“The Raspberry Pi is great for use as a Home Theater PC with software called Kodi –  I use it with my home entertainment system to play music, watch movies, and view family pictures. Other fun projects that I’ve made with it include controlling LED Lighting, setting it up as a security camera, as a video game console system, and as the basis for a small wheeled robot. Anyone can get started with it, there are thousands of projects online that other people have made that provide excellent examples of what you can do.”

The goal of the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries. In their basic form, they have the promise of making computer technology more widely available than ever before. However, with a full range of ports, these devices can easily be modified and enhanced for just about any purpose. So, props from the land of BlackBerry to the makers of Raspberry.

Jaime: Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

We’re not sure what Jamie is trying to say about the racket created by her coworkers, but we won’t take it personally. Actually, this is a great piece of technology for creating those moments of peace and solitude when otherwise impossible.

“Perfect for airplane travel and blocking out the tractor noise when mowing the lawn!”

Rob: Sonos

Nothing beats the convenience of wireless technology.

“I love Sonos because I can have wireless tunes from multiple sources including internet radio and Sirius radio.  Whether I am at home, in the workshop, living room or on the patio, I can hear what I want to hear.”

Why does Rob think the Sonos speaker sounds so great? The smart speaker technology is designed to listen to your room, and fine-tune the speaker for optimal sound for the space.

Erik: Nexus 5X

The newest devices need to herald more ease and better speed every time and this one delivers.

“It has fingerprint unlock so only my finger can unlock the phone. It’s faster and more reliable than my last phone.”

Mobile technology is an important tool for Erik and all staff at FoxNet. It’s high praise for the Nexus 5X to get his nod as the go-to communications and work device of choice.