Introducing Hybrid IT Hacks

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Does your tech department need an overhaul? Are you monitoring tech news, struggling to keep up, and wondering which of the latest tech capabilities your business should adopt? This fall, FoxNet is launching a campaign to help businesses take a birds-eye view of what it means to reinvent your IT strategy. We’ll look closely at some of the most recent developments in IT strategy, including cloud adoption and hybrid IT, to give you the most in-depth understanding of your business’s IT needs that you’ve ever had.



Digital Strategist William Dupley (formerly HPE Canada’s Cloud Chief Technologist) has consulted in revolutionizing IT strategy in dozens of companies across Canada, and he will be your tour guide throughout our Hybrid IT Hacks this fall. William provides a unique perspective that’s missing from most discussions of IT strategy, cloud adoption, and new tech capabilities: he starts with the needs, problems, and challenges of your business, to create an intelligent IT strategy that provides solutions and optimizes workload. Through blogs and downloadable PDFs, Hybrid IT Hacks will put the knowledge back in your hands by demystifying the latest tech developments and encouraging you to start with what you know. Your business model is the guiding light that helps determine what technology will help you most.

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