Keep your data in the North!

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FoxNet Cloud Solution

FoxNet Cloud Solutions

With FoxNet Cloud Solution your data always stays in Canada. Interestingly, most Canadian businesses are storing their data in U.S. servers. In an increasingly globalized world, this is seemingly of little consequence. We seek out competitive rates and excellent service as a matter of business survival. Bangalore, Chongqing, Taipei, Buenos Aires, or Silicon Valley – geography matters little when we are able to upload data anywhere at 100 Mb/s.

Except it does matter.

The geographic location of your data makes it susceptible to that nation’s laws.  Surprisingly, of particular concern, is the U.S. The expanded surveillance powers of the Patriot Act are little known and, upon examination, jaw-dropping.

“Most cloud providers, and certainly the market leaders, fall within the U.S. jurisdiction,” says Axel Arnbak, a legal expert at University of Amsterdam’s Institute of Information law. “In particular, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act makes it easy for U.S. authorities to circumvent local government institutions and mandate direct and easy access to cloud data belonging to non-Americans living outside the U.S., with little or no transparency obligations for such practices.”

This is where privacy becomes a concern for customers and businesses alike.

In Canada, existing laws don’t go nearly this far, making a homegrown solution all the more attractive. One such Canadian solution is the FoxNet Cloud Services. It offers advanced disaster recovery capabilities through Veeam technology. The newly available Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication ensures availability of your mission-critical data and applications. This is done without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining IT infrastructure to support offsite backups and a disaster recovery (DR) site – a significant advantage.

Imagine a full site failover to a remote FoxNet Cloud Solution DR site from anywhere with just a few clicks through a secure web portal. We’re talking about more redundancies than a stump Trump speech delivered in the deep South. Whatever the disaster, your normal business operations will not miss a beat. In addition to a fully functioning failover site, FoxNet Cloud Solution allows quick recovery of files and increased traffic capabilities.  Also, there is no charge for data retrieval and the cost is competitive.

The FoxNet Cloud Solution can be an all in one Cloud and Disaster Recovery solution that keeps your data in the North, where it belongs.

Want to learn more? Contact Jim at FoxNet!