Laboris Gloria Ludi

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Our unofficial motto at FoxNet Solutions is Laboris Gloria Ludi, which is Latin for “work hard, play hard.”  It’s the perfect motto for the gang. We’re proud of how hard we work, and there’s no workforce around that likes to have more fun than us.

This is a special weekend for us at FoxNet Solutions. Our annual FoxNet St. Patrick’s Day Party is a well-deserved occasion to play hard. 

As with everything we do, FoxNet is sure to do it right.  This means we invite all our FoxNet friends to wear green and party the way the Irish do. FoxNet is decorated with shamrocks from ceiling to floor and an Irish flag hangs proudly in the boardroom.  We have a great Irish band singing all the St. Patty’s Day classics.  Then we ‘kick it’ up a notch when the Irish Dancers come by to riverdance! 

Knowing our business is crucial at FoxNet, even if it includes how to have a good time!

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you!