IT Solutions for LEGAL


Legal firms, in addition to being primary targets for cyber attacks, are extremely sensitive to IT downtime incidents that have an immediate effect on revenues. This makes the legal community a perfect candidate for our “IT-as-a-Service” Fully Managed offering, protected by eSentire’s 24/7 Managed Detection and Response cybersecurity service. You focus on the clients, we keep you operational and protected. Working with large clients that require Cybersecurity Due Diligence Questionnaires? We can help. 

managed service IT SOLUTIONS FOr legal


We understand data breaches in the legal industry, which is why we backup your data, provide real-time security management, and offer legislative compliance assistance.


The management of your files is essential for keeping your client data confidential. We provide assistance by scanning and transferring your files to electronic format.

Remote Monitoring
& Maintenance

We keep your system monitored and maintained from anywhere, which allows us to care of your network without getting in your way.

Strategic Planning

Not being able to keep up with modern trends could affect your firm poorly. We help you in preparing for your business' future IT, guaranteeing your technology solutions are in line with your needs.

File Sharing

Your files are important to you and need to be secure. We offer cloud-based solutions and collaboration tools to allow you to provide the best services for your clients.

Compliance & Security

We can minimize the risk related to credit card numbers, client data, or any other private information, and will implement security strategies to keep your security up-to-date.

Recommended technology solutions for legal

Risk management, infrastructure reliability, and regulatory compliance are a few things that lawyers should weigh when implementing and using essential system applications. At FoxNet, we understand the challenges for legal teams: protecting client information, ensuring crucial files are available around the clock, and managing and meeting deadlines. We can provide your business with a customizable suite of IT solutions for your law firm with the support of our trusted partners; eSentire, Auvik Networks, and Veeam.


Client Relations

Your clients interact with your technologies daily. Let us help keep your communications and client management streamlined and efficient.


When becoming a mobile firm, you are more prone to security risks. We will help you guard against threats with our managed IT solutions.


Time is valuable to you and your clients. Let us assist you in increasing productivity and improve your business' overall growth.


Your team is in meetings or out of the office much of the time. Here at FoxNet, we help keep your team, and you, connected when on the move.


There are costs you face as a law firm: capital cost, operational cost, and opportunity cost. Let's help you control these expenses with our advanced system.

Quick Response Time

It's essential to have a fast response time. Let FoxNet help you repair network problems that your business may encounter.

Say goodbye to server and internet interruptions, outdated operating systems, sluggish software, damaged data, costly computer viruses, malware or ransomware. 


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