top-quality managed services for manufacturers

Manufacturers fuel economies and turn top-quality concepts into physical products. At the forefront of these changes was technology, and today’s manufacturers need to balance human labour, automation, and elevated connectivity and data reporting demands. We can provide assistance to fit the requirements of your manufacturing business with our FoxNet Solutions Managed Services.

managed service IT SOLUTIONS FOR manufacturing

Server &
Network Security

FoxNet provides thorough IT services for your business' server and network to protect your business and keep your information secure.

Technology Strategy Management Services

FoxNet's strategy management services assists business owners and executives in expanding and managing business technology strategies.

Print Services

We use a suite of fully customizable tools and processes to enhance your managed print output continuously.

Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery Planning

We will offer guidance through the disaster recovery process and will help your business make the right decisions through our systems solutions.

Desktop &
Mobile Support

Our IT support services for desktop and mobile devices ensure comfort for your company that information systems are being maintained correctly.


We can advise you on improving cloud solutions for your business, provide public cloud services, and offer scalable cloud solutions.

Recommended technology solutions for manufacturing

With Managed Services provided by FoxNet, your manufacturing services will be cost-effective and quickly implemented. We can enable your organization to deliver information to all necessary parties in real-time, improve tracking through the entire manufacturing process, adopt streamlined production for scheduling and distribution, and achieve easier communication methods. By partnering with industry leaders like eSentire, Auvik Networks, and Veeam, your Manufacturing business will be fully secured with our FoxNet Managed IT Solutions.


Greater ROI
from Infrastructure

Receiving ROI is a great end goal. With our advanced network infrastructure, your business will have the ability to increase profits while being efficient.


Having a system that is responsive is essential. At FoxNet, we provide you with up-to-date and responsive systems to keep your business secure.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Providing increased productivity is something we do well. With our enhanced system, we can assist your business with improved employee productivity.

Remote Access
24/7 Customer Care

No matter where or when your business runs into a problem, we can offer you around the clock protection with our experienced team.

Security for Data

Your data needs to be secure. With FoxNet's advanced network infrastructure, your information will be consistently guarded.

Critical System
Updates and Compliance

Having your system updated frequently will ensure your business is up-to-date so no threats can enter. Let us help you with our managed services.

Say goodbye to server and internet interruptions, outdated operating systems, sluggish software , damaged data, costly computer viruses, malware or ransomware. 


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