Meet our New Employees: Allan and Martin

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You’ve heard us talk about their great credentials, but there’s more to our new employees than that. Here’s a more personal look at our new employees, Allan Kennedy, our Account Executive and Martin Parrest, our Manager of Service Delivery.


Our new employee Allan likes long walks on the beach… well, he just likes beaches – particularly those in California surrounded by craft breweries and wineries. Allan’s family is originally from Cape Breton. He grew up in East Hamilton and now lives in Cambridge with his 2 wonderful children. When he’s not working for us, he enjoys a bit of Netflix, (the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad), and online poker. Allan is a results-driven sales and business development specialist. He brings years of experience and a strong track record to the FoxNet team. Allan worked for Hewlett Packard for over 16 years before joining us at FoxNet and we are very happy to have him on our team. Unfortunately, we do have to announce that Allan is a Boston Bruins fan. 



Martin has been in Kitchener for a long time; it has been his hometown since he was born. Both Martin’s children have flown the coop, but are working successfully and attending school in the Niagara region. In his spare time he enjoys sailing and just about anything involving water. One of Martin’s many other talents is working with cars. He’s currently working on his own project to restore a 1992 Corvette Convertible. He has extensive experience working for many successful global companies, including Open Text, Loblaw as well as small to medium startup companies. Plus, we found out he’s a Buffalo Bills fan so we know he must be extremely loyal and optimistic.