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          Managed Network Services

          You rely on the cloud to run your business. What would you do without it? With business-critical software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything your employees need to do their jobs.  And if a problem causes the network to go down, it can bring your operation to a

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          The “IT Contact” Dilemma

          “Oh, yeah I have a contact who can do that.” In today’s world, if your IT contact is your company’s solution, you should be concerned. Do you really want to rely on one person to protect the technology that keeps your company running while cybercrime is at an all-time high and attacks are becoming increasingly

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          The imminent danger facing the legal Industry

          Attorney-client privilege extends to client data Attorney-client privilege is what makes a client feel secure from the potential risk of having sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, client data doesn’t always receive that same luxury. Data breaches in the legal industry are on the rise and most firms are not giving cybersecurity the

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          Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020

          2020 has certainly brought no shortage of changes from 2019 – but one of the biggest changes between last fall and this fall is the amount of time we’re spending at home, in turn using technology to run our business from home. This has opened up pandora’s box when it comes to cybersecurity for both

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          What makes healthcare data so valuable to cyber-criminals? The unique risks and results that our digital healthcare systems face.

          When it comes to cybersecurity these days, most people are more concerned about keeping their financial information safer than their health information, even though PHI (Personal Health Information) is significantly more valuable on the black market. When a bad actor obtains the name, birthdate, social security number, and medical history for an individual, not only

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          COVID-19 and the Rise of the Virtual Business: The “new normal” of navigating business continuity

          The COVID-19 pandemic has changed business forever. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Successful entrepreneurs and innovators understand that though change is hard—especially when forced upon us—it can be good for strengthening your business.   As quarantines are lifted, the idea of returning to work has shifted as business leaders realize, through this unfortunate

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          WATERLOO, ON | FEBRUARY 26, 2020 – FoxNet, a Waterloo-based global IT solution provider, is excited to announce it has been named one of Cloudtango’s Top Managed Service Providers in Canada 2020. The annual list recognizes top-performing Managed Service Providers across the country, spotlighting those who have excelled in support services, customer satisfaction, market growth,

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          Secure Remote Workers

          Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe. Like the rest of the world, we are following updates diligently. Due to this evolving public health situation, cyberthreats, including phishing scams and spam, are spiking as online criminals take advantage of the pandemic. Hackers are setting up malicious websites, posing as reputable sources of information about

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          FoxNet Inc Announces Partnership with eSentire to Deliver MDR Services to its Clients

          Waterloo, Ontario – November 5th, 2019 – FoxNet Inc announced it has signed a partnership agreement with eSentire, Inc., the global leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), to deliver cybersecurity services to their growing portfolio of clients.  Organizations operate in a world in which their data, infrastructure, endpoints, customers and supply chain partners are distributed everywhere. Category creator

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          The Best of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019

          Fall makes us think of crisp apples, changing colours, turkey dinners, Halloween candy – but what about cybersecurity? October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (or #CSAM) and this year the focus was on encouraging all businesses to take action and think proactively about reducing threats. Many global IT leaders and government initiatives shared excellent resources, important

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          What are Next-Gen Managed Services?

          Trends in data management, cybersecurity, and cloud-based solutions over the past several years have created a very important need for both SMBs and enterprises – next-gen managed services. IT management has become a lot more than reducing downtime and resolving support tickets. An MSP, or Managed Services Provider, is the solution many companies have been

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          BUaaS: Backup as a Service

            Backup as a Service, or BUaaS, is an end to end solution that stores and protects your valuable data. BUaaS bridges the gap between protecting data onsite and protecting data in the cloud, making it an absolutely critical component to any business. Keeping your data safe is imperative for any business. FoxNet’s BUaaS is

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          FoxNet Announces Partnership with Rubrik

          For Immediate Release Waterloo, Ontario | November 2, 2018 — FoxNet, a Waterloo-based IT service provider, has joined with cloud management leader Rubrik as a service delivery partner. FoxNet will be using Rubrik to deliver innovative cloud management technology to its clients. FoxNet will offer Rubrik’s secure and dependable Backup-as-a-Service, DR-as-a-Service and Archival-as-a-Service to clients

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          FoxNet Partners With Pure Storage To Build Modern Data Solutions

          For Immediate Release WATERLOO, ON | October 31, 2018 – FoxNet, a leading IT services provider, has partnered with Pure Storage Inc., lending its expertise as part of a collaborative initiative to generate faster, smarter data storage solutions for an increasingly data-driven world. Bill Fox, President of FoxNet, says the partnership prepares businesses to gather,

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          16th Annual FoxNet Charity Golf Tournament

          FoxNet hosted its 16th annual Golf Tournament on August 23rd in support of Kidsability and Waterloo Region Junior Achievement. Participants enjoyed a wonderful day on the links thanks to FoxNet and their generous sponsors. This year the tournament raised a remarkable $16,000, which will be put to excellent use in helping youth across the Waterloo

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          The FoxNet Annual Charity Golf Tourney Raises $16K to Benefit Local Children

          For Immediate Release WATERLOO, ON | August 27, 2018 – FoxNet, a Waterloo-based IT service provider, raised $16,000 during its 16th annual charity golf tournament this month in support of local non-profit organizations. The proceeds from the FoxNet Golf Tournament will support local organizations whose programs empower special needs children and youth to realize their

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          Why Good Companies Fail

          Recently, a customer asked me to develop a seminar for his executive team and board of directors on the topic “Why Good Companies Fail.” A fascinating question which begs to be answered. After all, how could good (and even great) companies like Nortel, Kodak, and others fail? Yet somehow they have. Each the leader in

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          FoxNet Rides for Mental Health

          “It was early! It was wet! It was a great way to raise money for a cause close to our hearts at FoxNet.” Bill “RPM” Fox The FoxNet team pumped up our bike tires, dusted off our helmets and hit the country roads for Ride Don’t Hide this June.  We are proud of our FoxNet

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          Team FoxNet Participating in Ride Don’t Hide

          Mental illness is an issue that will impact all Canadians at some point in their lives, either directly or indirectly. For this reason, we are eager to take part in the Ride Don’t Hide event on June 24th. Our team of 12 (and growing) will join thousands of riders coming together to help put an

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          Keys to Successful IoT Implementation

          by William Dupley Introduction A successful military strategy depends on the ability of leadership to identify potential obstacles and barriers and ensure their strategy is agile enough that it can adapt. IoT projects also require in-depth implementation barrier analysis to uncover any potential obstacle that could impact a successful implementation. IoT and OT (Operational Technology)

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What are Next-Gen Managed Services?

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Trends in data management, cybersecurity, and cloud-based solutions over the past several years have created a very important need for both SMBs and enterprises – next-gen managed services.

IT management has become a lot more than reducing downtime and resolving support tickets. An MSP, or Managed Services Provider, is the solution many companies have been turning to for help with the myriad of tasks their internal (or non-existent) IT team is attempting to handle.

Next-Gen Managed Services

Partnering with an MSP can reduce costs, alleviate strain on your internal team, strengthen your security defences, streamline your data management, give you confidence in your compliance, and make your business more agile.

A MSP works alongside your IT team, or independently, to provide the following Next-Gen Managed Services:

  • Securing your network and infrastructure against threats such as cybersecurity attacks by creating backups and disaster recovery plans.
  • Providing technical support and education to your business and staff.
  • Working with you and your team to create a long-term cloud-based strategy that can handle growth, security, and compliance.
  • Managing data efficiently and safely, while ensuring compliance.
  • Setting up automation and intelligent cloud solutions to reduce time spent doing manual management.
  • Installing and upgrading new software and technology (like if your office is still running on Windows 7, but its end of life is coming January 2020 and your team has no time for the transition.)

Next-Gen MSP vs Traditional MSP: What’s the difference?

IT management is not new, we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, so what’s so special about next-gen services?

Traditional MSP Model

  • This model benefited companies well when IT was still very much routine management and technical support.
  • The plan was reactive – clients reach out to the Managed Services Provider with a support ticket (or however) when they need help fixing something, making an update, etc.
  • The infrastructure was divided with several potential combinations between internal teams, on-premises servers, private and public servers, cloud-based solutions, and other third-parties.
  • A main limitation of this model is that your internal team drives the security, software choices, and data management decisions, so there is a lot of relying on their expertise and availability.

Next-Gen MSP Model

  • The next-gen model includes one very important difference: the development of a long-term, multi-cloud strategy that takes modern challenges and solutions into consideration (like cybersecurity threats.)
  • This model is growing in popularity because it can reduce labour hours, reduce disruption in the workplace, and increase agility when deploying code and other updates.
  • Switching from an internal server to a cloud-based solution can make companies nervous – the cloud brings a lot of security challenges. That’s why the next-gen model is a good updated solution: the cloud storage and software your business needs to evolve, with the security and compliancy you need to be protected.

“The percentage of enterprises that have a multi-cloud strategy grew to 84 percent vs. 81 percent in 2018. Those planning a hybrid cloud strategy grew to 58 percent from 51 percent in 2018.”

RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report

Do I Need Next-Gen Managed Services?

Most companies typically decide to make the move from on-premises to cloud services when the bills get too high, but there are many reasons you may need next-gen managed services:

  • Your technical team is so focused on product development and other projects to have time for IT management.
  • Cloud-based solutions are too complex for your company to deploy without a third-party company.
  • You’re a small business that doesn’t have the budget to deploy this kind of solution.
  • You and your team spend too much time fixing a server that’s gone down or updating technology and need help.
  • You need guidance on compliance standards like HIPPA and PCI DSS.
  • You need experienced assistance improving your cybersecurity defences and managing your firewall.
  • You spend too much time with routine IT management and need to free up your team with automation.
  • You can’t afford to invest in the latest security and cloud-based software solutions that your business needs to be current.
  • You can’t keep up with the implementation of new cloud features and software updates that are required.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you should speak to our team today about an IT solution that fits your business.

“There are an average of 1,600 features being launched by Amazon Web Services on a yearly basis…”

Teryn O’Brien, siliconANGLE

Does your business have a next-gen strategy yet?

Our FoxNet Team has over 10 years of experience solving IT problems and we were named one of Canada’s Top 100 Service Providers by CDN Industry recognition. If you have questions, please reach out today.

You can also spend some time with our team getting some Tips from the Bar! Here’s an inside look at just how next-gen managed services work:

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