FoxNet Recommends Pernix Data for Optimum Storage Performance

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The landscape of the storage market is changing rapidly, as is the demand for faster higher performing storage. We have witnessed some companies invest in enterprise storage arrays that provide an amazing feature set. But when it comes to performance, some virtual environments are demanding and just can’t handle the load. Throwing shelves of SSD and cache cards at the controllers can be costly. If you find yourself in this situation, FoxNet has partnered with Pernix Data to provide a simple solution.


Pernix Data FVP software allows you to decouple performance from capacity and add read and write flash caching directly into your ESXi hosts, no matter what storage array you are using. This allows you to scale your storage performance as you scale your compute. There are definately other products that can offer this, but Pernix Data stands apart from the crowd.

Pernix Data FVP software is a 100% software solution that pools server side flash devices to create a scale out performance tier. This will allow you to use your array to manage your data and capacity, and leave the performance to Pernix Data, close to your application.

Pernix is also the first to do this using RAM to deliver the best possible performance! Pernix Data is deployed inside the hypervisor kernel making it substantially faster than other RAM-based acceleration solutions deployed inside VMs.

Pernix Data also enables clustering of flash devices across ESXI hosts which is where it really stands apart from the crowd. It will allow you to perform write caching without requiring confirmation from the array to confirm the write. You simply build a 1GbE network between your hosts (similar to vMotion) and Pernix will quickly write data to a neighbouring server’s flash device. Next confirm the write back to the application, streaming the writes down to the array afterwards.

We have witnessed customer success with Pernix Data FVP software, and can help you work through your storage performance issues as well.

If you are in need of storage performance, and don’t want to pay the price for array SSD, or rip and replace a legacy array, Pernix Data is a great solution.

Our experts can enable a proof of concept in your environment.

Visit our contact page to find out more!