Protecting Data With Cloud Solutions

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Cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity. It’s a cost-effective way to approach data storage and backups for your business. You gain a flexible solution that’s tailored to meet your business’s needs. But is storing data on the cloud safe?

It’s a valid question. Businesses across all industries need to be concerned about the security of their data. Whether it’s information about your company or about your customers, you need to keep it safe from threats of theft and misuse.

With a cloud solution, you need to know where your data is stored, how it is transferred, and who owns the keys.

For some, the idea of trusting data to an insubstantial place could be a concern. Cloud solutions can be integrated into your company’s programs and servers to ensure you retain control of how your data is stored and used, reassuring both you and your clients. Although it is stored in an offsite physical location, you can be confident that your data is well cared for.

Of course, your cloud solution is only as secure as your architect makes it. But you may not need to hire an IT expert of your own. Instead, you’ll want to turn to a company you know and trust to deliver you the protection your company needs. No matter the size of your business, data security should be paramount.

Find a solution that offers robust, adaptive security that is constantly tested to ensure its efficacy in protecting your critical data. Your chosen provider should offer a support system to assure you of quick response to any threats.  

Security is essential for the health of your business, and we can help you get started. Choose FoxNet’s cloud solutions for secure, fast cloud storage. We’ll work with you to create a solution that fits your needs — everything you need, and nothing you don’t.