Reality Mining a Big Score for the 49ers

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FoxNet Helping You

Last season, the San Francisco 49ers moved into the most technologically advanced arena in professional sports, Levi’s Stadium. It has the usual design features of a multi-use facility of its size: a natural grass surface, a seating capacity of over 75,000, and impressive luxury suites. In this regard, it’s well suited for the 2016 Super Bowl.

Most impressively, the stadium’s best feature has been its move to wireless technology. It has designed an app-based customer experience that is seamless, convenient, and easy. Fans are lured by the premium services and added features offered by the Levi’s Stadium App. Users of the app find efficiencies when parking, entering the stadium, finding seats, and ordering food. Many enjoy the in-stadium delivery services. It’s like having a beer teleported to your seat. This, along with instant replay features, creates the impression of being on the cutting edge of a game day technological experience.

This is only the beginning of the benefits.

It’s not just customer satisfaction that is lighting up the scoreboards for the San Francisco 49ers. The Levi’s Stadium App has been paying enormous dividends by providing data. ‘Reality mining’ has helped the 49ers organization by generating real-time data about customer behaviour. According to Business Insider, the app has generated an added $2 million in revenue and created $500,000 in cost savings in its first year.

Now, the 49ers are flooded with interest from sports franchises around the world hoping to create similar experiences (and reap similar rewards.) Of course, if the Toronto Maple Leafs or Hamilton Ticats really want to learn more about the app, they won’t have to travel farther than the offices of FoxNet in Waterloo.

ARUBA Networks, the developer of the reality mining Levi’s Stadium App, was recently acquired by HP, a FoxNet partner. FoxNet will be hosting a Lunch and Learn on Tuesday April 26th. Sign up today.