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New Office Party Recap

Posted on June 22

Over the past three years, the FoxNet team has expanded by an incredible 57%! That lead to a new, larger, renovated office space (down the street) to accommodate the fast growing team and to better serve our awesome clients. On June 18th, 2015 we hosted an open house at our new 92 Erb Street East […]   Read full post »

Virtualization – What’s Next?

Posted on March 25

Virtualization has been mainstream for a while now, and most organizations have virtualized a significant portion of their server infrastructure. Server Resource Consolidation and Return on Investment are the main reasons for virtualizing, and this has played out well for reducing server infrastructure and improving management efficiency. Not all is rosy, however, as companies have […]   Read full post »

FoxNet Recommends Pernix Data for Optimum Storage Performance

Posted on February 25

The landscape of the storage market is changing rapidly, as is the demand for faster higher performing storage. We have witnessed some companies invest in enterprise storage arrays that provide an amazing feature set. But when it comes to performance, some virtual environments are demanding and just can’t handle the load. Throwing shelves of SSD and […]   Read full post »

FoxNet Tips from the Bar: Converged Infrastructure

Posted on February 23

Jim is back at the FoxNet bar and he’s brought with him a long list of problems – including problems with the boss! He has been trying to convince his CEO Jaime on the concept of Converged Infrastructure without any success. It seems Jim isn’t as persuasive as he thought. Bill Fox supports Jim’s idea […]   Read full post »

Structured and non-structured data requirements

Posted on July 10

Businesses are continuing to experience challenges with managing the increasing growth of both structured and non-structured data requirements. Often this data growth is developing an increase in higher spending on storage and storage resources. FoxNet can support your organization with a full range of infrastructure and skilled resources to help you get your document management […]   Read full post »

Heterogeneous IT Environment Management

Posted on May 12

Companies are experiencing an increase in challenges with managing heterogeneous IT environments. Due to acquisitions or business purchases, IT organizations are facing the issue of spreading their expertise very thin across these diverse IT environments and technologies. On top of this, most IT departments are not being funded for additional staffing or time to develop […]   Read full post »

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