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FoxNet Recommends Pernix Data for Optimum Storage Performance

Posted on February 25

The landscape of the storage market is changing rapidly, as is the demand for faster higher performing storage. We have witnessed some companies invest in enterprise storage arrays that provide an amazing feature set. But when it comes to performance, some virtual environments are demanding and just can’t handle the load. Throwing shelves of SSD and […]   Read full post »

FoxNet Partnered with TinTri Bringing you VM-aware Storage.

Posted on August 19

Tired of expensive difficult to manage storage solutions? Need an easy to deploy and manage point solution for VDI or your virtual environment? FoxNet has partnered with TinTri to bring our customers VM-aware storage. Tintri VMstore addresses the mismatch between storage and virtualization. The result: a predictable and efficient environment that is capable of handling all of your […]   Read full post »

Structured and non-structured data requirements

Posted on July 10

Businesses are continuing to experience challenges with managing the increasing growth of both structured and non-structured data requirements. Often this data growth is developing an increase in higher spending on storage and storage resources. FoxNet can support your organization with a full range of infrastructure and skilled resources to help you get your document management […]   Read full post »

NetApp’s New Line of Storage: The FAS8000

Posted on March 10

Spring is just around the corner and for NetApp, that brings the launch of its new line of storage, the FAS8000 series. This system provides several model options that will replace the 3XXX series and the 6XXX series, and provide scale-out innovation and the industry’s best data management capabilities in a single platform. FAS8000 offers the […]   Read full post »

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