What does GOVERNANCE mean to you?

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The terms “governance”, “enterprise governance” and “GEIT“(Governance of Enterprise IT)  may mean different things to different people and enterprises depending on the organizational context, (e.g., maturity, industry and regulatory environment, or the individual context, job role, education and experience.).

No matter what the definition means to you, it all boils down to the need to drive more value from IT investments and manage an increasing array of IT-related risk. Additional challenges emerge from increasing regulation which is also driving heightened awareness amongst boards of directors regarding the importance of a well-controlled IT environment. There is a great need to comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

FoxNet can support your IT organization with a full range of services. From Strategic Planning, Industry Good Practices, Roadmaps and positioning with your senior leadership team to a full range of managed / augmentation services to help your teams move quickly into a governance design that suites your company and company culture.

Don’t let your company get stuck in a sticky legal or regulatory battle. You have better things to worry about and at FoxNet, taking care of your IT is what we do best.