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Virtual Concierge Systems : Business and Security Benefits

Posted on February 21

While you may be familiar with a Virtual Concierge in many hotels, the need has now arisen to provide the same services in apartment buildings, office buildings, university campuses, and housing service complexes. It’s become too expensive for many of these facilities to provide critical Concierge services using full-time staff, and as a result, the […]   Read full post »

Who is responsible for a Service in a Hybrid IT Operating Model?

Posted on December 10

Introduction As a thank you for flying over one million miles, I was sent a model airplane from Air Canada. Although it was a nice gesture, I did not want to earn another one of these models. Flying isn’t that much fun after so many miles! However, over the last twenty years I have witnessed […]   Read full post »

BUaaS: Backup as a Service

Posted on November 22

  Backup as a Service, or BUaaS, is an end to end solution that stores and protects your valuable data. BUaaS bridges the gap between protecting data onsite and protecting data in the cloud, making it an absolutely critical component to any business. Keeping your data safe is imperative for any business. FoxNet’s BUaaS is […]   Read full post »

Big Data Business Intelligence and Parking Management

Posted on October 12

By William Dupley Introduction A smart parking project’s primary objective is to make finding a parking space easier, but the reasons for setting this goal vary depending on the problems a community faces. San Francisco’s smart parking project SFpark made supporting economic development the primary goal. Store owners often complained that it was difficult for […]   Read full post »

Big Data Analytics and Smart Parking

Posted on October 1

By William Dupley Introduction Big data analytics has been getting a lot of airtime over the last few years. It has promised to transform the way businesses identify opportunities for new wealth creation, and how to find the cause of problems. It also promises new tools to provide advanced analytics capabilities. All these promises are […]   Read full post »

What Smart Parking Architecture Is Best For Your City?

Posted on September 13

By William Dupley Introduction For a city’s residents and visitors, ease of travel is imperative. It significantly reduces the stress drivers experience, resulting in happier drivers that increase tourism revenue. As a result, we now see a proliferation of smart parking initiatives being launched around the world. Each of these initiatives is producing results. In […]   Read full post »

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