Rubrik: Providing Cloud Management & Enterprise Backup Software


Foxnet Solutions partnered with Rubrik, which is the world’s first platform to manage data for hybrid cloud enterprises to allow enterprises to achieve Multi-Cloud Data Control™. As a market leader in Cloud Data Management, they blend future-proof architecture with consumer-grade simplicity to introduce a fresh approach to an old predicament.

Foxnet Solutions delivers the following Rubrik Software Services:



  • Manage data at scale on one single platform for disaster recovery, archival, compliance, analytics & copy management
  • Rubrik is designed to support physical, virtual, NoSQL, and cloud &  SaaS such as; Office 365,  MongoDB, VMware and Oracle
  • Delivering standard and enhanced flash appliances to further assist with data management needs
  • Mobile capabilities with Rubrik Blob Engine and Distributed Task Framework to quickly send and retrieve data the moment it’s needed




  • Eliminates legacy complexities by consolidating all components into a single software.
  • Instant backup means instant recovery—mount directly onto Rubrik and deliver near-zero RTOs
  • Recover VMs to any point in time to protect yourself from ransomware or corruption




  • Using Distributed Task Framework to assign & execute tasks across the system.
  • Set automated SLA policies on both a daily and long-term basis
  • Using Rebirk’s Intelligent Data Management, define prioritization requirements within the SLA to continue to perform data efficiency checks & ensure quick recovery


Lower your TCO and earn 30-50% in immediate hard savings with Rubrik. With its vendor-agnostic approach, Rubrik allows you to integrate and protect multiple applications and manage your data simply and easily.

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