NetApp: Using Tightly Integrated, Enterprise-Class Data Services

FoxNet Solutions partnered with NetApp to provide hybrid cloud services. Unlock the power of data with their integrated, enterprise-class data services for Google Cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud systems. They offer solutions to enterprises and service providers to store securely and to share large amounts of digital data across physical and hybrid cloud platforms.

FoxNet Solutions delivers the following NetApp services:


  • Enterprise applications in the cloud that solves applications’ availabilities, protection and data management problems
  • Cloud-native storage for cloud-native applications, ensuring automated storage for application development tools
  • Cloud analytics provides a standard file interface, directory structure and permissions that most analytic tools use
  • Using platforms; Azure, Google Cloud and AWS


  • Simplify & automate virtualized workloads
  • Use an enterprise-scale hyper-converged infrastructure solution to overcome technical challenges
  • Improve the end-user experience with the ability to send cloud-like flexibility across desktops, databases and applications
  • Container deployment to manage and run more workloads in a containerized environment using platforms such as OpenStack


  • Accelerate databases that are critical to your business with the world’s fastest enterprise-class flash
  • Get big-data analytics +50% faster to deliver business insights and results efficiently.
  • Store new unstructured data to keep Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL workloads running.

Scale your business with modernized IT solutions and experience a hybrid multi-cloud that will ensure your data is always available. Use NetApp to build your data fabric and discover, integrate and protect your business-critical data.


Contact FoxNet solutions today, and we’ll help you understand the solutions your business needs.