eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Partnering with eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to provide 360 degrees of more threat visibility. 365 days of less business risk.

eSentire invented the Managed Detection and Response category and today, they are continually reinventing it. Lean on us, in partnership with eSentire, for leading technology and elite threat hunters to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. Continuously reinventing MDR keeps your business–and our track record–secure.

Full visibility across on-premises and cloud environments uncovers expected and unexpected threats We pair the strength of machine learning with human threat hunters to give you full threat visibility and immediate action 24×7 Embedded incident response accelerates precision and speed, facilitating rapid threat containment Forensic investigation and co-remediation helps build a strengthened security posture

Digital transformation enhances the speed of business and opens the door to new threats that are smarter, faster and more resilient every day. We stand guard so you don’t have to with a technical arsenal and humans who know how to wield it.



From on-premises to the cloud, get protection to hunt and contain the most elusive attackers, so your network is secure wherever it resides.


Borderless attack surfaces demand modern defenses. Continuous adaptation and visibility are critical to ensure endpoint attacks can’t disrupt your business.


Digital transformation demands scalable, data-centric cybersecurity and a deep understanding of shared security responsibilities with each cloud vendor. 

Managed Risk Programs:

Your cybersecurity strategy is a critical component of your organization’s DNA, especially as regulations, penalties and compliance requirements grow. Our team is here to help reduce complexities and adapt faster.

Sleep at Night Knowing We Don’t

Our SOC investigates and responds to threats 24x7x365

Zero Trust Approach

All new signals in your environment are presumed to be malicious and we investigate every one

360-Degree Visibility

Full visibility across on-premises and cloud environments uncovers expected and unexpected threats

Industry-Leading Detection

Patented machine learning and expert investigative processes identify the most elusive of threats

Embedded Incident Response

All MDR services come standard with unlimited embedded incident response. No retainers. No hidden fees

More Than Alerts

Our SOC analysts perform tactical threat containment on your behalf minimizing threat actor dwell time

Harden Against Future Attacks

Root cause investigation and remediation guidance defines corrective actions for a hardened security posture

Every Second Counts

  • 35 seconds for initial response
  • 5 minutes to resolve
  • 20 minutes to remediate