FoxNet Delivers The Following Commvault Products and Services:


Backup & Recovery


Backup and recover your company data at any time using Commvault’s “Complete™ Backup & Recovery”. Commvault’s backup and recovery give you peace of mind with their following offerings:

  • Multi-cloud Backup
  • Application and Database Protection
  • Virtualization
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Disaster Recovery



Commvault provides modern data protection and management that scales with your company growth. HyperScale solutions help build on other Commvault products and deliver the following services:

  • Cloud-like agility resiliency and availability
  • End-user efficiency with automation and self-service capabilities
  • Improved Hardware Utilization and Optimized Costs
  • Seamless Storage scalability without forklift upgrades.

End-to-End Syncing


Customers can opt-in to use Commvault Orchestrate™ to make sure that all of their end-to-end data is synced and available for fast disaster recovery, operations, and migrations.

Users are the conductors of their own “data symphony” with:

  • Application Copy Orchestration
  • Application Migration
  • Dev/Test Application Needs
  • Automated Application DR and Testing
  • Access to Critical Databases
  • Leaving Your Data Where You Need It Most

Insight Toolsets


Using Commcault’s Activate™ gives users the ability to utilize your data in business, search, discovery, and governance. Activate™ can help you overcome your data governance and compliance challenges.

  • Uncover Risks and Values
  • Optimize and Increase Your Performances – Saving You Money
  • Compliance Readiness