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Minutes Matter Data Sheet - eSentire

How a swift response to cyberattacks saves businesses money and prevents operational disruption. 


In times of emergency–like moving swiftly to extinguish a kitchen fire before it can spread and cause widespread damage–minutes matter.


This free data sheet highlights the true cost of cyberattacks to your business

esENDPOINT - eSentire

Prevent the predictable.


Identify suspicious behvaiour using predictive threat modeling to automatically block expected, unexpected and fileless attacks. 

Malicious Activity Assessment - eSentire

Faster than ever, attackers develop new techniques, Malware, Ransomware, Virus technologies designed to bypass preventative measures. Businesses are struggling to keep up as the time to detect and respond increases across all industries.


See how FoxNet implementing and managing eSentire solutions will keep the bad guys out.