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FoxNet Tips From the Bar: Remote Office

Posted on May 28

After three seasons and plenty of laughs, we have arrived at the series finale of FoxNet’s Tips From the Bar. It’s sad to see our final episode air, but the FoxNet team has had a ton of fun over the past two years, planning, writing, and acting in Tips From the Bar! This last episode […]   Read full post »

FoxNet Tips From the Bar: Mobility

Posted on April 29

We’re back at the FoxNet bar to talk about mobility and Jimmy is sporting quite the shirt! He’s exhausted and in desperate need of a vacation! If you love Rob’s covert performance as much as we do, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! We all know he is mysterious, and it turns […]   Read full post »

FoxNet Tips From the Bar: Managed Services

Posted on January 29

We hope you enjoyed your holiday away from the FoxNet bar! It’s a New Year and that means it’s time for a new episode of Tips From the Bar! In Episode 03, Jim has lost his disguise and thanks to FoxNet, his security problems have been solved! But after speaking with Jaime and Rob, there are new […]   Read full post »

Tips From The Bar: Security (And Surprise Guest!)

Posted on November 26

It’s round two at the bar, and you’ll never guess what surprise guest we have in store! IT security is getting more and more complex and now there’s been a security breach at the office! Luckily, Bill Fox has a solution. With news of government spying, attacks on corporate data, infected mobile devices and advanced […]   Read full post »

Filming Season 3 Tips From The Bar

Posted on August 27

Lights, Camera, Action! If you haven’t heard, FoxNet’s Tips from the Bar was renewed for a third season! Today was a busy film day on set in the FoxNet Studio. What can you expect from season 3? More action, beer, jokes and cameos than ever before! Today was an early 8:00am start for FoxNet, Memory Tree, […]   Read full post »

FoxNet’s Behind the Bar

Posted on August 26

Is there more to one of our regulars than meets the eye? Is he a secret agent? Maybe even a hit man? He certainly seems to be a womanizer FoxNet brings you: Behind the Bar Take a journey through the past two season of Tips from the Bar and find out what this bar regular […]   Read full post »

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