Welcome Samantha, FoxNet’s New Services Manager

FoxNet is adding a new member to the team. Welcome Samantha Braund, our new Professional Services Manager! When she’s not listening to country music and riding her motorcycle, Samantha is a dedicated IT business development and recruitment specialist. Samantha specializes in recruiting top IT talent within the area of applications, network infrastructure, end user support

Tips from the Bar: Governance

Tips from the Bar, Season 2, Episode 4 has been released! This episode has Jim Griffiths feeling like a marriage counselor as he mediates disputes between his IT strategy and his business goals. As we’ve learned to expect, Rob Henry offers up his advice from his own marriages… all 4 of them. Are your struggles between

Operational Management for your Growing Business

Has your company been planning ahead? If you want to grow as a business, you’ll need to be prepared. Companies today struggle to manage day-to-day operational activities while still balancing strategic planning and project initiatives. This pressure often forces IT teams to spend less time on operational and proactive operational management so they can better

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