Building a Digital City

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The FoxNet website states what they are: “a Waterloo-based IT solution provider.”
But a conversation with FoxNet President Bill Fox and Martin Parrest, responsible
for new business development, quickly reveals that they are thinking way beyond
that particular definition. Their goal is for FoxNet to be the company that
interconnects the entire community.

Fox and Parrest say that the inspiration for this vision comes from – well, from
everything that is happening in Waterloo Region, right now. For example, they
point to the new Catalyst Building, aspiring home to the internet of things; to
Communitech, and the Accelerator Centre, and Bingeman’s,“ and all the startups,” says

He’s imagining the benefits to this entire business community if there were “basically
a private network on something like a superhighway.” There are parts of it
in existence, now; Fox wants to make it a reality across the Waterloo business

“The idea is to help people reduce their transit cost, and get everybody on a virtual
private network (VPN) which is faster, more efficient, to be able to share
their information easier.”

Read the rest of the story on page six of Exchange Magazine.